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Common Questions

What if I am older and had kids years ago?

Most women's bodies do not restore on their own. Women can have symptoms for years, yet they are doing everything 'right'. Our advice is to restore your body, regardless of when you were last pregnant. By restoring what was lost, your had work with diet and exercise have a chance to pay off. If not, you may continue to struggle with the last few pounds and leftover bald patches.

Are these safe to take if I'm still breastfeeding?

Ultra Mega can be taken at any time! However, we suggest waiting to take Hair Repair after you are finished breastfeeding. As with all supplements, we recommend consulting with your Physician before taking anything while breastfeeding. If you are advised to wait on Ultra Mega, bookmark our site and come back when you are finished!

Should I have my hormones tested first?

Hormone tests will not show nutritional deficiencies caused by pregnacy, regardless of how long ago that was. In fact, most women are shocked they don't have thyroid issues or hormonal imbalances after being tested, yet are miserable with symptoms. For peace of mind, do what you have to do, but do not be surprised if they come back normal. That's where we come in :).